Welcome to mindmatters..

Lets talk about matters of the mind, or indeed that in order to effect personal change and development and get the most out of our lives. We have to take care of the health of our thoughts and minds. Personal brilliance and magic happens when we believe in ourselves, understand our power and belief systems, are in tune with the way we see and relate to others and are aware of our own personal context and life construction. Currently, mindmatters is a personal development and counseling practice and consultancy, led by Aderyn Exley.


The things that matter...what we believe:

- Movement is energy - energy is power
- Conversations are where exploration begins
- Every 'problem' has an individual and unique solution
- There are infinite possibilities available to every situation
- Change and growth happen through insight and understanding
- Tough conversations can happen with compassion and respect
- When belief systems are challenged and tweaked, magic unfolds
- Change and growth need to be sustainable and respectful to the individual
- Personal mastery is an individual journey - and each individual holds exactly the right wisdom for change

The mindmatters Way

1 - Choosing each other

Finding the right person to walk and explore with can be the biggest challenge for anyone seeking professional help. We make sure we honour this meeting space well.

2 - The 'diagnosis'

Claiming the 'problem'. Articulating 'the now'. Dreaming about the 'what could be'. Creating the picture of the future. All vital for good, interesting personal journeys.

3 - Setting the path

Choosing the 'right fit' solution. Exploring options. Weighing up costs. Committing to time. Setting contracts - business and personal. Preparing to go the distance.

4 - Walking the path

Walking together but staying on the path. Stopping when we need to, speeding up when we can.

5 - Reaching the destination

A time to reflect and review. Move forward or return, celebrate or renew.

6 - Parting ways [for now...]

We leave from a different place to when we began... Both wiser, both changed in many ways. And for mindmatters - we have added another person of power to our network. Leaving the door open to other journeys at another time.

For me taking the step to go into therapy felt enormous and one I have never regretted. Aderyn was professional and compassionate. She put me at ease instantly. Her insight and experience was key to my healing and the work we did together has changed my life. [Therapy client, female aged 32, March 2002]