Aderyn.jpgAbout Aderyn...

Aderyn Exley is a Counseling Psychologist, coach and corporate consultant with a special interest in adult development.  Her prime areas of professional focus are:

  • adult development in all forms
  • adult survivors of dysfunction
  • inner child work
  • self growth
  • same gender relationships
  • homosexual transitions
  • trauma [PTSD]
  • career pathing
  • mid-career analysis
  • identity development
  • leadership development
  • team diagnostics
  • training and workshops
  • executive and transformational coaching
  • supervision of Counseling Psychologists
  • psychometric assessments to facilitate insight and personal knowledge
Aderyn has been practicing as a Counseling Psychologist since 1992. Her training is diverse and she holds a Counseling Psychology and Research Masters degree from RAU [University of Johannesburg] and an undergraduate degree from Wits University. She is also an internationally recognized coach working with both executives and individuals wanting to effect change and transformation. During her career she has worked in various settings, including private practice, corporates, universities, schools, children’s homes, prisons and with the elderly. She has managed intern psychologists, professional and administrative staff and a small business. She is passionate about career and leadership exploration and the development of the psychology profession. She supervises psychologists and has held various leadership positions in the profession. She is actively involved in working groups, reading groups and professional development. Presenting workshops to the profession, writing articles, being available to the print and electronic media for interviews and co-authoring a book are some of her contributions. She is driven by a belief that individuals can empower themselves through self-insight and positive intention setting and attempts to reflect and facilitate this in any intervention.


Working with mindmatters has been not only a supportive and informative partnership but a way of guiding our staff [and their families] into a career path that they are passionate and successful in. We highly recommend their services to anyone who is exploring career progression and planning. [NGO, May 2008]