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I have been going to Aderyn for therapy sessions for almost 8 months now, and I consider every hour and every cent that I have spent at these therapy sessions to be the best investment that I have made in myself. My preconceived ideas about what therapy consists of were happily laid to rest at my very first session. No session is the same, but all have been empowering, leaving me wanting to know more, going home to explore an issue further (through the books or resources recommended by Aderyn), challenging some embedded thoughts and beliefs and gaining some self trust, love and confidence out of each and every session. It’s also a plus that the conversations can range from the really heavy and emotional to intellectual to spiritual to hilarity. I treasure these sessions because each and every one of them leaves me with a little bit of insight about what brought me there to begin with and I couldn't choose a better therapist to help me along the path to healing. [Therapy client, female aged 36, July 2010]